Fox News Host Calls Slavery ‘Good History’ In America

Fox News Host Calls Slavery ‘Good History’ In America
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Updated 10 months ago

As the fallout from the deadly Charlottesville protest continues, another conservative voice has joined the fray. During a segment on Fox & Friends, Katrina Pierson extolled the virtues of Confederate statues and the "good history" they represent, shocking John Hopkins University Professor Wendy Osefo. 

Prior to Pierson's comments, Osefo had remarked that Confederate statues (which sprung up after the South lost the Civil War) are "not a symbol of patriotism. This is a symbol of hatred and division," and argued that while they are a piece of history, they are "not necessarily the good part of American history."

Osefo called that part of history "nefarious," and said that the statues belong in museums.

That's when Pierson jumped in, saying, "It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country."

A shocked Osefo replied, "Slavery is good history?"

But Pierson doubled down, claiming, "Considering where we are today, absolutely!" 

Osefo responded, "Slavery is good history? Absolutely. Oh, wow."

But it didn't stop there.

Pierson said, "Where would we be without the Civil War?" and, "How would our children even know how special and how wonderful this country is that we can even be having this discussion today?"

Here is the entire exchange:

As news of Pierson's remarks spread, Twitter chimed in:

That didn't stop Pierson from reiterating her point later in a tweet:

One person had a suggestion for Pierson: