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The Foo Fighters Just Achieved The Ultimate Rick Roll
8 months ago

The Foo Fighters pulled the ultimate Rick Roll on audience members at the Tokyo’s Summer Sonic festival, pulling Rick Astley on stage to do a grunge cover of Astley's hit 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up." 

Dave Grohl, front man of the Foo Fighters, introduces his guest saying "we just learned this today. Ladies and gentleman, would you please welcome our new best friend, Rick Astley." The band proceeded to play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana when Astley came in with the lyrics from his song. *warning adult language*

Astley's song turned into a meme in 2007, involving a bait-and-switch where a viewer will be lured into clicking on a link and then it directs them to Astley's song.