Anti-Hate Protesters Completely Outnumber Racist Protestors In Boston

Anti-Hate Protesters Completely Outnumber Racist Protestors In Boston
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10 months ago

Following the events in Charlottesville, a "Free Speech" rally was planned for Saturday, August 19th, in Boston by members of the alt-right who felt their first amendment rights were being violated. The turnout at the rally was dwarfed, however, by the massive crowd of counter-protestors who arrived to stand up against racism and bigotry. Following the backlash from Charlottesville, many of the speakers for the original "Free Speech"  rally dropped out, and their event was forced to end by around 1pm, though the counter-protest #BostonResist was still ramping up.

Many Bostonians were thinking of Heather Heyer, a counter-protestor who was murdered by a white supremacist in Charlottesville last weekend:

The city took extensive efforts to make sure everyone was safe:

Before the events began, Mayor Marty Walsh tweeted a message to his constituency:

Bostonians sent a clear message: they don't believe hate has any place in our society.

Any white supremacists who arrived were unequivocally outnumbered by #BostonResist:

Some estimations say that roughy the same number of people attended the Boston protestors as Trump's inauguration:

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said there were 27 arrests, primarily for disorderly conduct. He said no officers or protesters were injured and there was no property damage. City officials say that around 40,000 participated in the counter-protest.

Hopefully America continues to show up for great causes like this. Those who oppose racism and white nationalism greatly outnumber those who support it, which becomes abundantly clear if reasonable people are willing to make their voices heard.