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Sarah Silverman Reaches Out To White Nationalists With Heartfelt Plea

On Saturday, August 19, Sarah Silverman posted a heartfelt plea in the wake of the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, and the follow-up rally in Boston, Massachusetts. The message reaches out to white nationalists from a place of love:

Dear people who have become white nationalists: I can't imagine what life is like for you & I know finding this brotherhood of hate feels like a place where you can belong. But this is a country of diversity and you, coming yourself from immigrants, belong here in this beautiful tapestry.

She continues:

I know you feel like you have found, in white nationalism, a purpose and a community. But that sinking feeling you have when you are alone at night is your gut, and you must listen to it. I believe you can, if you wish, find the great bravery in yourself to shed your ideology of hate and join us in an existence of love. You do have a purpose and there is a community for you. Join us. We will love you. I will love you. Your life is not set - you can change it.

Silverman ends by imploring any white nationalists who might stumble upon her message to join the rest of society in a celebration of our diversity and mutual journeys:

There is greatness in you and it lies within all of us as one beautiful diverse nation who has each other's backs. Come be a part of it. I promise that sinking feeling will turn to a feeling of flight. You will not be replaced by Jews. Because only you can be you and there's only one you in the world. No one is going back to the country they came from, (many, brutally and against their will). This is our home now - all of us. And there is a place for you in it- sit beside me. Come feel what real brotherhood is. And be a part of what America, at it's very best, can stand for.
Your Jewish friend, Sarah

Here's Sarah's full message:

Twitter users are touched by Silverman's note:

Well done, Sarah! There's so much hate in the world. We're overdue for a dose of love.

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