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JAY-Z Speaks Up About His Feud With Kanye West
8 months ago

On Friday, August 18th, rapper JAY-Z visited the podcast Rap Radar and addressed his alleged feud with Kanye West.

JAY-Z said that he and Kanye had fought many times over the years, but Kanye "crossed a line" when he brought their children into it:

Kanye knows what he did:

Fighting isn't new to the pair of rap royalty:

It was an electric interview:

Some fans still think there's more to the fight than JAY-Z is letting on, however:

Fans say the honest and open interview made for great podcasting:

Fans still felt some pretty strong feelings:

Hopefully the pair can mend their relationship soon - I don't know how much more JAY-Z/Kanye feud our culture can take before it crumbles entirely!