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Lead Singer Calls Out Man For Groping Female Concertgoer During Show

At an August 18 Dutch music festival, Architects frontman Sam Carter stopped the band's set so he could address something he'd seen during the last song: a man in the audience groping a woman while she was crowd-surfing. Carter furiously told the crowd this was not a place where such behavior was welcome, and someone caught his speech on video.

*Warning: video contains graphic language*

The crowd cheered Carter's words:

Carter retweeted the video, and fans loved it:

Carter's words turned many casual fans into die-hards:

A reminder that sexual harassment is inappropriate in any context:

Is the world becoming a better place for women?

Carter used his literal microphone to call out sexual harassment. Let's hope his example inspires people with all kinds of platforms to do the same. COME ON, MEN.

Because women should be able to listen to music in peace:

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