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James Woods Tries To Slam Liberals For Tearing Down Racist Statues—It Didn’t Go So Well

The "Ghosts of Mississippi" actor attacked "#liberals" by suggesting the removal of the Iwo Jima World War II memorial.

James Woods is furious over Confederate statues being removed. The increasing movement was ignited by the planned dethroning of Charlottesville's mainstay Robert E. Lee statue that led to a white supremacy rally with devastating consequences.

In response, the far-right ideologist tweeted his disdain for liberals who he thinks are on a war path to strip the country of all statues with any historical relevance.

Unfortunately for him, he missed the mark by thinking liberals have an ingrained antipathy towards all statues, including the one of American soldiers who successfully fought fascism in World War II.  

The Internet suggested statues liberals might want obliterated from the face of the planet. No monument was safe, regardless of what they stood for.

Thank you, James Woods, for giving birth to the "one more time" meme.

Service with a smile? Sorry, Bob's gotta go.

Moving french fries are a disgrace to the food industry. 

What's the point? 

The Fonz should not be in bronze.

Too high to get over, too low to get under. 

Users also weighed in on the idiocy of the actor's maligned tweet. 

When someone defended the preservation of a statue symbolizing hate, this user schooled him on some facts.

Some perspective.

A marine succinctly clarified the distinction between the WWII memorial from Confederate statues.

We're not out of the "woods" yet. Here's one last meme for good measure.

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