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Protesters Completely Destroy Confederate Monument In Response to Charlottesville Violence
8 months ago

On August 14, liberal protesters took to the streets in Durham, North Carolina, responding to the violence and hatred this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Charlottesville conflict centered around the scheduled removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, and NC protesters showed their anger by tearing down a monument to fallen confederate soldiers. 

Protesters’ original plan didn’t necessarily include toppling the statue: 

Liberal groups have long called for the monument's removal :

The protest started as most do – with chanting: 

Prior to the rally, authorities sprayed the monument with oil to make it harder to climb:

This video shows how well that didn't work: 

Protesters toppled the statue, which buckled as it fell to the ground:

Protesters continued to cheer and chant around the fallen monument:

Some took pictures around the fallen statue:

Several Twitter sleuths offered historical context for the confederate monument:

A few people took issue with protesters taking matters into their own hands: 

But most seemed just fine with what happened: