Photos Of Giant Inflatable President Trump Rat Appear Online

Photos Of Giant Inflatable President Trump Rat Appear Online
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Updated 11 months ago

The rat problem is getting YUGE in New York City. Instead of running away, people are scurrying towards this latest genetic mutation.

A fifteen-foot-tall inflatable rat with a striking resemblance to Donald Trump has been lurking near Fifth Ave and 59th Street, just a couple blocks from Trump Tower.

Trump's doppelgänger mimics his oft-mocked orange pallor, signature mile-long red tie, oversize ears and tiny hands. 

In addition to those familiar physical features, the balloon rodent sports less conspicuous details including Confederate flag cufflinks and a cloisonne pin of the Russian flag.

Artist Jeffrey Beebe designed "Trumpy the Rat," taking his cue from inflatable rats displayed at construction sites to protest the employment of non-union laborers. BravinLee art gallery owners John Lee and his wife Karin Bravin commissioned the art installation to welcome Trump back to his hometown of New York on Monday.

The husband and wife team believe the President is "unprepared" to lead. They told the Daily News that they view the inflatable rat as an "enduring sign of resistance and ridicule," and they plan on keeping it on its feet for different appearances.

"All I could do is to ridicule," Lee said. "Ridicule is a very important tool in taking on the powerful."

"I was always passing by these non-union construction sites on my bike and I saw these inflatable rats. I was amazed at how effective they were. I marveled at how disgusting they were," said John Lee.

The same could be said of the gallery's grotesque tribute.

But is this be an affront to rats?

Here's the rat being prepped for its debut:

John Lee with his gallery's latest headliner:

Next stop: D.C.!