Kesha Tweets About Taylor Swift In The Wake Of Her Sexual Assault Trial

Kesha Tweets About Taylor Swift In The Wake Of Her Sexual Assault Trial
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11 months ago

As Taylor Swift's sexual assault trial winds to a close, friend and fellow singer Kesha tweeted out some words of support and encouragement to Swift. Taylor's troubles started back in 2013 during a fan meet-and-greet . When posing for a picture with the DJ and his wife, Taylor says the DJ, David Mueller, put his hand up her skirt and grabbed her rear. 

There's even a photo that has been central to the case.

The radio station who employed Mueller fired him two days later. Mueller sued Swift in 2015, two years after the incident, seeking millions in damages. As the trial went on, testimony was often difficult and, in some cases, sought to frame Swift as a liar. Her responses remained firm, though, and they - along with the photo and testimony from others - helped the Judge make his decision to throw out the case against her after years of legal back and forth. Swift also won her $1 counter-suit against Mueller. 

Taylor released this statement: 

Kesha understands all-too-well the emotional toll Taylor must have felt during her trial. Kesha's own sexual assault ltrial began in 2014. From 2014 to very recently, the trial meant that Kesha could not release new music. Her stream of income was, essentially, gone. Her voice was silenced. Kesha faced the court of public opinion in a frightening way. The trial made news repeatedly and she often felt the sting of name-calling and victim-blaming. At one point, images of her crying during the trial became mocking memes. She fielded many of the same uncomfortable questions that Taylor would in her trial. During this time, Taylor was a strong voice of support for Kesha, even going so far as to donate to help pay some of her legal fees. 

So it came as no surprise that Kesha has been that same voice for Taylor. 

Fans have been vocal about their appreciation for the way these two have stood by one another. 

Of course, there are always some detractors. Like this guy. 

And this one, who has tainted the name of Darkwing Duck.

The overall reaction, however, seems to be one of love and support. 

Maybe Phoebe said it best: