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School Lets Students Cut Lunch Line With $100 VIP Pass, Creates Uproar

School Lets Students Cut Lunch Line With $100 VIP Pass, Creates Uproar
9 months ago

Florida has found itself back in the news again. This time for events unfolding at a middle school in the state.  The school offered a form of PTSA sponsorship that some have called classist. 

The Parent Teacher Student Association sent out a sponsorship form that offered something "unique" to students whose parents paid $100. Those students would get passes that moved them to the front of the lunch line so they would not have to wait for their food in the long and crowded lines with other students.

The form caught the attention of parents, who were less-than-thrilled about the option. 

Twenty minutes?!?

Isn't it a bit early for class warfare? 

The school's principal claimed to know nothing about the "fundraiser" and says he absolutely never approved it. The principal sent out an email to all parents letting them know that there would be no "VIP lunch pass" offered. 

The PTSA president said that the form being printed and sent out was a "clerical error" and they had already decided against the program, though it had been considered in brainstorming sessions. 

As news of the potential program hit social media, most people were baffled as to how adults ever thought this was a good idea. Not everyone, though. 

Jay told one parent that if they didn't like the way things were done, they should choose another school for their child. 

To which Shelly replied: 

This person called unhappy parents "whiny losers."

Here's why Walter didn't see a problem with it. 

But let's assume the "fundraiser" went as planned. Then what? 

Andrew drew an interesting comparison.

And the "clerical error" thing didn't fly with some people. 

What do you think? 

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