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Conservative Man Is Furious That The Statue Of Liberty Appears On The New Vogue Cover

Vogue recently released the four new covers of its coveted September issue, with one cover showing actress Jennifer Lawrence posing against a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty.

The new cover apparently made the blood of Breitbart's John Carney boil, and he unleashed a tirade of tweets about the "weaponization" of the Statue of Liberty:

To Carney, the Statue of Liberty on the cover appears to be a thinly-veiled attack on the right for wanting stricter immigration reform:

Twitter was a bit shocked by how extreme Carney's reaction was:

Even a Vogue employee had to set the record straight:

Carney responded by saying it was a joke. Sort of:

And he proposed that Breitbart could do better:

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But perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Carney's Twitter bio clearly states that he is "triggered by statues:"

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