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A Totally Inappropriate Sign Spotted On A Gun Rack At A Walmart, And Now They’re Under Fire
9 months ago

On Wednesday, August 9th, pictures began surfacing of a Wal-Mart gun display onto which someone had placed this sign: "own the school year like a hero." The pictures quickly began spreading across the internet. Wal-Mart corporate is now investigating to see whether the incident was caused by a careless employee or a tasteless prankster.

There's nothing more serious or horrifying than a school shooting, and Wal-Mart is apologizing profusely on Twitter:

The mega-chain is working to find all the details so they can make the situation right:

If this is truly the work of a prankster, the perpetrator could use some tips on lines - which ones you should never cross, or even come close to, etc.

Some Twitter users had a bigger problem with the display than the sign:

While Wal-Mart attempts to make the system right, here's an alternate universe picture that evokes far less controversy:

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