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Jennifer Lawrence Poses For Vogue’s New Cover, And People Are Torn
9 months ago

The September issue of Vogue is their biggest issue of the year, and its cover is a coveted honor in the fashion world. 

Jennifer Lawrence has been on the September cover before, so clearly the editors of Vogue very much appreciate the actress's style. But for their 125st Anniversary issue, they went even further and made four covers, each in a unique style, each one featuring Lawrence. 

Check them out:

Among these four collector's editions is the first painted cover in the magazine's history. 

We could totally imagine that hung on a wall in 1892. 

Here's Annie Leibovitz's take, with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.

This Black & White shot is from Bruce Weber.

And this is from Inez and Vinoodh. 

It's a bold move for the famed fashion mag, and the public is having their say. Reviews, as they are wont to be, are mixed.  

From good.... 'meh'... 'where's Céline?' the inevitable 'this fashion magazine threatens my worldview' hot take.

The finer points of fashion can elude some people, I suppose.