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Tomi Lahren Insults The Strength Of Millennial Men—It Didn’t Go So Well

As we ponder over the likelihood of entering World War III, Tomi Lahren made a joke on Twitter about the consequences of drafting millennial men. Her joke blew up in her face.


The fiery conservative is known for her uninhibited barbs, but the recent jab implying that fellow millennials are weak and ultimately useless in combat incensed the public, including veterans. 

The education of Tomi Lahren is now in session.

Maybe she's feeling burned and it's forcing her to lash out.

There are alternatives for her fury to be put to good use.

But then, she has nothing to be upset about. 

This user wanted answers.

Refusing to be silenced, Lahren quipped back at @RepSwalWell. She wanted her joke to land, gosh darnit!

Still, not funny. Round two didn't fare so well.

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