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Fox News' Eric Bolling Is Suing The Reporter Who Wrote About His Naked Pic Sending

Yashar Ali, the Huffington Post reporter who broke the story of the Fox News co-host's alleged sexual harassment is now being sued for defamation by Bolling.

Ali's report last Friday alleged that Bolling had sent unwanted lewd photos to several female co-workers at both Fox News and Fox Business several years ago, prompting Fox to suspend Bolling while it investigates the claims.

As news of the $50 million lawsuit hit Twitter, Ali confirmed its authenticity, and refused to back down despite the threat:

Ali also pointed out that the lawsuit only names him, not The Huffington Post:

Lydia Polgreen, the Editor in Chief of The Huffington Post, voiced her support of Ali:

Apparently, Ali has seen far worse, and made sure Bolling knows he isn't scared:

Meanwhile, Bolling showed gratitude for his supporters on Twitter:

Like this Twitter user, who came to Bolling's defense:

Others on Twitter, however, weren't so sure things would play out in Bolling's favor:

Who knows what other potential sordid details might emerge:

And while some have offered Ali financial assistance, he told people where their money might be more useful:

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