Model Says She Was Kidnapped In Order To Be Sold As A Sex Slave

Model Says She Was Kidnapped In Order To Be Sold As A Sex Slave
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11 months ago

British model Chloe Ayling is speaking out about her harrowing experience as a near-victim of human trafficking. Her ordeal started when she was booked for a shoot in Italy. She arrived at the studio with only her phone, her wallet, and a small suitcase on wheels. Before she knew it, a person with black gloves put their hands over her mouth while another person with their face covered injected her against her will. 

Chloe passed out. When she woke up, she was bound and in a bag, similar to this demonstration. 

The bag was stuffed into the trunk of a car. She was able to breathe through a small hole for the few hours it took the group to drive to a remote farmhouse in the hills near the border with France. At that point, Chloe was told what would happen to her. 

She was informed that she was to be auctioned off as a sex slave to an Arab country. The man who kidnapped her informed her that he had made millions doing this in the past five years and when whoever purchased her was bored with her, she would likely be given to someone else or fed to tigers. Her kidnapper told her that he didn't work alone, he was part of a syndicate called Black Death. 

Black Death felt that Chloe's look would fetch a high price with bidders. 

The group also sent ransom demands to her modeling agency. 

After several days, things took an interesting turn. Her captors delivered Chloe to the British consulate in Milan after finding out that she was a mother. A note found on her captor's computer says that her kidnapping was a mistake and that high-ranking members of the group insisted on her release because they do not kidnap mothers. 

Her child had unknowingly saved her life. 

Police have arrested Polish-born Lukasz Herba, who says that he carried out the kidnapping in order to pay for medical bills. 

The thirty-year-old claims to have leukemia. 

Terrifyingly, police believe this isn't the first time Herba attempted to kidnap Chloe. They believe he previously lured her to a photoshoot in Paris, but for whatever reason, the shoot didn't happen and she returned home safely. 

Residents near the secluded farmhouse say he visited about a month ago with two large bags similar to what Chloe was kept in and used two cars at the time. He told them he was a painter who needed solitude. Police are investigating his brother as well as several other properties  in an attempt to figure out exactly what happened and how. 

Twitter is reacting with fear and confusion. 

Some people feel that her kidnapping may have inadvertently been her own fault. 

And plenty of people outright don't believe it happened. 

Dawn wonders who may have been behind it. 

It's making some people rethink the safety of women overall. 

We will keep you updated as this incredible story unfolds. 

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