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Hotels Launch Ad That Accuses Airbnb Of Supporting Terrorists

It's no secret that the hotel industry is not a fan of Airbnb.

Considering that Airbnb is reportedly worth twice as much as some of the largest hotel chains in the world, it should come as no surprise that hotels would want to make locals wary of the service.

To that end, the Hotel Association of New York City has launched a half-million-dollar, ten-day campaign in the NYC area of an ad that ties Airbnb to pontential terrorist threats.

The ad slams Airbnb for allowing illegal listings, and refusing to hand over listings of rentals to law enforcement.


They even throw Airbnb under the bus for its alleged role in the recent Manchester attack.


The allegations are a bit misleading, however.

While Airbnb were initially connected to an apartment that had been raided by the police after the bombings, it turned out to have been booked through a different company.

But it doesn't stop the ad from finishing by asking, "So who's in your building? Airbnb won't say."


Josh Meltzer, the public policy director for Airbnb, was outraged by the ad, sending a letter to various CEOs of hotels included in the NYC association.

"First and foremost, Airbnb had nothing to do with this tragedy, and using these attacks in a cynical corporate PR campaign is despicable," Meltzer wrote. "Your company and the front groups you fund may oppose Airbnb and middle class people who share their homes, but using a global terrorist attack to protect your bottom line is beyond the pale and should have no place in any civil discourse."

Twitter was similarly disgusted:

One user called out the hypocrisy of the ad:

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Here is the full ad:

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