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Sarah Paulson And Cate Blanchett Interview Descends Into Giggling Chaos 😂

Sarah Paulson And Cate Blanchett Interview Descends Into Giggling Chaos 😂
2 weeks ago

Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson have known each other for years, but it wasn't until now that we realized how close they are. The pair first worked together on the 2015 film, Carol, and now, they're doing press for their latest film, Ocean's 8. In a recent interview for the film with Hota Kotb, Paulson and Blanchett's hysterical conversation and endless banter had Kotb in tears-- so much so that her makeup began running. 

Hoda could barely get a word in because she was laughing so hard. That wasn't a worry though, because Blachett and Paulson filled the time with their own jokes. They were so funny that they even had people working in the studio in stitches. 

When Hoda finally was able to get a question in, she asked if the actresses were having fun promoting the film. The dynamic duo of Paulson and Blanchett then responded with a straight face, "This is not going well. We're not enjoying it," which led to another eruption of giggles.  

When Hoda decides to call Savannah Guthrie in for backup, Paulson and Blanchett make room for her on the couch. How do they do that? Naturally, Blanchett sits on top of Paulson who pretends to be her friend's arms. 

Hoda finishes the interview by saying, "We've done so many interviews for movies. And never one like this." Hundreds of people have taken to social media to comment on the hysterical interview, with most saying they still can't stop laughing: 

Others are now hoping that Paulson and Blanchett host an awards show together:

But in the end, most were happy to see two actors relaxed and poking fun at one another, all in good fun: 

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