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Parents Share The Most Savage Revenge Plots Their Kids Ever Got On Them
1 month ago

The thing about kids is that people underestimate them.

If you cross a kid, you're dealing with somebody who will react without fear of looking crazy.  And kids get so creative with their revenge: so, beware...

You may end up like these poor guys:

CB just put this on Grammy's back because she's hilarious! #kidpranks #monkeybutt #grammy

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Or you could end up finding little messages that let you know your kid is mad at you:

These kids...ugh 🤢 #kidpranks #theyknowmewell #worstwordever

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#kidpranks Way to go, Lily!

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Or you'll turn around to find something creepy watching you...

#prankpractice #kidpranks

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I can't get rid of this creep!! #phinnyouregroundedforlife #creepy #kidpranks

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Or you could end up with something so passive aggressive you're unsure how to respond.

Having a bit of an issue practicing this morning. #passiveaggressivekids

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Whatever happened....apologize to your kids.  NOW! Before it's too late for you!

H/T: Buzzfeed