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Screenshot YouTube @Mary Giannone
Young Girl Freaking Out Over 'My Little Pony' Is The Internet's New Favorite Thing
4 weeks ago

Julianna was really excited about the new My Little Pony movie rental. So much so, she used the F-word. She even cops to it.  And that wasn't the only thing making her day. She also got a doughnut — on a school day!

Julianna couldn't contain her glee:

But no! This! Is! The! Mermaid! My Little Pony one. I even said the F-word, this is so awesome. Oh my god, I get a donut and this Xbox movie! This is the best day of my life, even though it's a school day!

Julianna's mother captured the moment and posted it to the internet so we could all enjoy the pure joy:

Of course everyone loved it. What's not to love? It's a kid squealing with joy over a DVD.

Next step: hit up Ellen to appear on her show...

Some people wondered why kids are such accomplished YouTubers:

Let's hope little Julianna uses all this fame to wrangle as much My Little Pony merchandise as her pure heart desires.