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Instagram Account Only Follows Guys Named Paul Williams—And People Have Questions

Instagram Account Only Follows Guys Named Paul Williams—And People Have Questions
Updated 2 months ago

19-year-old Paul Williams may have stumbled across one of the greatest mysteries of our time. When he was followed on Instagram by a user named @LisaJames419419, he assumed it was just a spam-bot due to the strange handle. However, driven by nothing more than simple curiosity, Williams decided to look at who else "Lisa James" was following, and what he found may haunt him for the rest of his life: 

James was following nearly 200 people, all of them named Paul Williams. 

The original Williams took to Twitter to tell his story:

Eagle-eyed readers might see something all these people have in common...

Williams tried reaching out to Lisa James, but was left with more questions and even fewer answers.

Williams began assembling a team of Paul Williams to try and figure out what was going on.

Shortly thereafter, people began commenting on Lisa James' single post with the hashtag #WhyPaulWilliams:

Meanwhile our original Paul Williams was creating some dynamite memes for the situation:

One might even say he took things a bit too far...

Then came a legitimate crack in the case! 

It turns out Lisa James' profile picture is actually of adult film actress Briana Lee, whose images are often used for catfishing and other scams.

And yet the mystery continued to deepen.

When James' account reached 419 followers, the number repeated twice in her handle, she switched to private.

Then, inexplicably, she switched to Thompsons?!

Twitter has come together to try and uncover the truth behind what's going on. far, it hasn't been especially productive.

And yet, the people NEED answers!

The only ray of light in this dark pool of the unknown is all the quality memes:

Someday, we will unravel this gordian knot, and the secrets of @LisaJames419419 will be revealed for all to see!

The truth is out there!