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Photo by Reisig & Taylor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Twitter Is Debating Which 'Friends' And 'Seinfeld' Characters Would Vote For Trump If Rebooted
4 weeks ago

With reboots of Will & Grace and Roseanne both bringing in tasty ratings numbers and tackling the question, "Who voted for Trump?" some Twitter users decided it would be fun to ask the question that was on nobody's mind but for which everyone seemed certain they knew the answer.

If somebody rebooted Friends or Seinfeld, which characters would have voted Trump?

People made some, er—interesting arguments...

But then someone decided to throw the Seinfeld characters to the Twitter wolves and some of their answers really felt like a Seinfeld script...

But some of the best picks weren't for the core cast members but rather supporting players:

And while everybody had a good time coming up with scenarios in which their pick would have gone for Trump—there's always that one person who has to take things WAY too seriously: