There's A Wild Conspiracy Theory That Lea Michele Is Illiterate—And She Just Responded

There's A Wild Conspiracy Theory That Lea Michele Is Illiterate—And She Just Responded
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Updated 4 months ago

Lea Michele, star of Glee and Scream Queens, can act, sing, and dance, but can she read? That's what the internet is asking after hosts of the queer podcast One More Thing introduced a wild new theory via Facebook live: Lea Michele is illiterate. And she's allegedly been hiding it from us this whole time. 


LEA MICHELE IS ILLITERATE (theory starts at 4:38, before that we just don't understand how facebook live works) A full transcript of this video is available at Slowly but surely adding captions! Follow up videos:

Posted by One More Thing Podcast on Sunday, July 23, 2017

The good folks at One More Thing stress that they're die-hard Lea Michele fans. The video delves into passages from the autobiography of Michele's Glee costar Naya Rivera, which claim that Michele could only learn her lines by hearing them, as well as being unable to read music (to be fair, that's an elusive skill). The One More Thing team also points to Michele's extensive use of emojis on social media posts, which are purportedly written by her assistant.

Twitter users took this theory and ran with it:

Some people pointed out that joking about illiteracy can be ableist at worst and elitist at best. Others thought the video was mean-spirited.

One More Thing was quick to clarify:

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Soon, even Michele's former costars and director Ryan Murphy engaged in the fun:

The theory eventually reached Michele, who found it amusing but made a clarification:

Regardless of literacy, there's no disputing that the actress is a superstar. Lea, if you're reading this... wait... actually... never mind. Awkward.

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