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Ad For Yoga Pants With Space For Carrying A Gun And A Knife Is Irony At Its Finest

Ad For Yoga Pants With Space For Carrying A Gun And A Knife Is Irony At Its Finest
2 months ago

Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up.

It's tough becoming one of the most loathed women in America. When Tomi Lahren, needs to take a break from spewing hate at Colin Kaepernick or crying on Fox News that people in West Hollywood with it's large LGBT community don't like her, she relaxes by putting on her yoga pants, and packing heat. 

Yes, you read that right

After spending the weekend criticizing the March For Our Lives protests which drew millions of people around the country, Lahren uploaded a photo to Instagram wearing a new brand of yoga pants that has room for a gun and a knife. 

Downward Facing Dog just got a whole lot more complicated. 

The company responsible (and most like paying Lahren to endorse their product) is called  Alexo Athletica. 

They recently posted a cringe-worthy commercial showcasing the pants to their Twitter account. 

The ad shows Amy Robbins, the CEO of Alexo Athletica, who according to her Twitter account is also a "TV host" and "model" (Why are all the NRA women so desperate for fame?) going for a jog in a wealthy neighborhood surrounded by a park on one side and mansions on the other.

She proceeds to squirt a child with a squirtgun, throw a banana over her shoulder to a homeless man, and fend off a masked man with pepper spray. Pulling it all, and more out of her yoga pants.

It's just too weird. 

Needless to say, social media users had a field day with this one. First with Lahren.

And more shade was thrown at the company responsible for making these tone deaf "yoga" pants.