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These Cringey Passive Aggressive Notes From Neighbors Have Us Extremely On Edge

These Cringey Passive Aggressive Notes From Neighbors Have Us Extremely On Edge
2 months ago

People can really suck, and direct confrontation is always a real bummer. But why tell Timmy he's a real jerk to his face when you can utilize the miracle of the written word? Wouldn't you rather put your arts & crafts skills to work on a charming, instagrammable declaration of vendetta? Snark sails a long, long distance on the web, and here is a collection of some of our very favorites.

1) This one actually has a really happy ending. 

2) The full itinerary as proof of loudness. 

3) Certain audible shrieks can pass through walls, but if you don't password protect your wifi devices, other things can, too. 

4) And on the other hand, maybe a little reverse psychology can do the trick. 

5) Some notes are amazing even without a hint of malice in them. 

6) Puppydog separation anxiety can be a real burden for everybody else. But if you've got some design skills....

7) Kittycats with a death wish require their owners' attention. 

8) Those walls are thin, and not everyone appreciates the bump in the night. 

9) Being considerate and gracious with interpersonal disputes can go a long way. On the contrary, calling the cops can lead to a Flamingo flood. Your move.

10) Anger not the Potato Army.

11) It's important to be kind as often as possible so people will act on your behalf. 

12) Some skills are very specific. 

13) It's not just sex that can be an issue for everybody else. 

14) Let's take a point by point review of last night/this morning's cruel mob vocal performance. 

15) This was an early version of 2012's Song of the Summer.

16) Beware the Tomato Thief. 

17) Sometimes it's nice to class it up - and get Supervillainous. 

18) We've reached the level of feuding that requires actual satellites. 

Be nice to your neighbors or you could wind up on the internet.

H/T: Bored Panda