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Pics courtesy of Twitter @AngryBlackLady
People Are Slamming Deceitful Vegetables On Twitter, And We Can't Get Enough
4 weeks ago

In today's political climate it seems folks have become tired of all the lies. In fact, the growing impatience with people, policies, and products claiming to be something they are not reached a new zenith last week on Twitter with accusations now reaching the vegetative realm.

Imani Gandy, a women's rights activist, journalist, and senior legal analyst for ReWire.News, got the ball rolling:

And she had the receipts:

Twitter backed her up, nominating veggies of their own. The competition was fierce and hilarious:

Some people called out vegetables trying to masquerade as something else:

Mostly, people took issue with vegetables' disingenuous marketing tactics:

What started as a complaint about spinach took a nasty turn with another, more trendy green. Things got real, fast:

And as we often do when we hit the realm of haute hipster foods, we ended up in a Portlandia sketch:

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