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Grandma's Diary Entry About Men From 1925 Has Twitter Sadly Saying 'Same'
4 weeks ago

A young London woman, Ella Roberts, discovered a passage in one of her grandmother's old journals that is making people think not a lot has changed over the years. The writing is dated 1925 and reads:

There is no faith in a man, 
Not even in a brother,
So girls if you must love
Love one another.

It could be that Grandma was simply going through a rough time, or maybe she believed women should have each other's backs. Who knows?

When Roberts shared her grandmother's writing on Twitter one thing was clear: plenty of women still relate:

And even though Grandma wrote the words nearly 100 years ago, the #NotAllMen contingent was out in force:

We were starting to think this, too:

Before everyone gets in a twist about who is being sexist toward who, it appears Grandma didn't write these words. According to Twitter user John Wilson, they were lyrics from a song called "Our Captain Cried." The song's entire title is "Our Captain Cried All Hands" and though it's provenance is murky, it was an old English folk song.

Many artists have performed the anti-war song over the decades — both women and men:

Well played, Grandma. Well played.