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Clever Little Girl Uses Cambridge Analytica Scandal To Try To Get A Puppy
2 months ago

Brendan Greeley is a writer who focuses on economics. He's written for some major names and is widely regarded as incredibly intelligent and astute. 

And Mr. Greeley totally just got owned by his kid, who has figured out the power of analysis, herself. 

Check out the tweet that started it all:

Citizens of Twitter were impressed by her methodology and fully supported her cause, even though dad objected because they already had one dog. 

Twitter didn't care. They were #TeamPuppy all the way.

Brendan even gained himself some new followers!

Even J.K. Rowling went #TeamPuppy!

Eventually, after intense negotiations, a deal was struck:

You'd be amazed at the number of people who donated to local animal rescues and shelters in the name of #TeamPuppy.


All told, #TeamPuppy raised thousands of dollars for local shelters and rescue organizations, all because one little girl was clever enough to "hack" her dad's newspaper to try and get a puppy.  

She's getting her pup, animals everywhere are getting care, and Dad's Twitter bio now looks like this:

This kid is our hero.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter