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ASOS Just Printed 17,000 Bags With A Glaring Typo—And They Had To Laugh About It

ASOS Just Printed 17,000 Bags With A Glaring Typo—And They Had To Laugh About It
Updated 2 months ago

British online fashion and beauty store just made the mother of all typos, printing 17,000 bags with their tagline misspelled.

The bag in question: a clear plastic little number that reads: 

"ASOS discover fashion onilne."  


But rather than tossing their mistake, wasting money and resources and reprinting the bags, ASOS decided to lean in to the mistake.

The official ASOS account took to Twitter, calling themselves out in the most humorous of ways:

Well played. 

ASOS fans loved being in on the joke and many appeared impressed by the company's sense of humor and outright honesty.

And ASOS joined the conversation:

In an age where people and companies often work hard to hide their flaws, taking ownership for their admittedly minor but potentially embarrassing error, felt not only refreshingly humble but downright heroic to some. 

Plus, by making the bag a "limited edition" rather than just throwing them all away, ASOS (pronounced ACE-OSS) is making a better choice for the environment—and their bottom line. 

A decision that earned them major kudos from Twitter:    

In fact, it sounds like the trendsetting retailer—launched in 2000 and originally called AsSeenOnScreen—is all about environmental responsibility:

But how does something like this happen? 

Well, as it turns out, ASOS' sub editor was on vacation when the bags were approved: 

And in the end, by owning their mistake so publicly, ASOS may have stumbled upon an organic strategy for attracting new sales from customers who like their fashion purveyors with a dash of authenticity...

Still, as Audrey pointed out, it could have been a lot worse: