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Henry Cavill's Instagram Tribute Video To His Late Mustache Is Perfection

Henry Cavill's Instagram Tribute Video To His Late Mustache Is Perfection
Updated 2 months ago

Henry Cavill has become synonymous with two things: portraying the man of steel, and his thick, luxurious mustache. These two things cannot co-exist, which meant that one had to go. During the filming of Justice League, Cavill reprised his role of Superman but couldn't shave the 'stache because he was also filming Mission: Impossible — Fallout. So how does an actor go clean-shaven in one film and maintain a thick mustache in the other, all while filming at the same time?

It was digitally removed with CGI. For that to be done the entire lower half of his face had to be digitally reconstructed – and as good as modern technology is, it isn't that good. People took note that his mouth looked a bit off in certain scenes throughout the movie.

While there aren't many details on the upcoming Justice League Part Two, it is rumored to debut sometime in 2019, and this is a definite hint that the cast might begin filming soon.

Cavill debuted his chiseled, clean-shaven face on his Instagram:


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"It's hard for me to admit. This is not CGI. He's really gone. I can tell you this, though: I will remember him. Always." Such a touching tribute, isn't it?

This isn't a special effect, people. The mustache is really gone. And we don't know how to feel about this, to be honest. 

The clip showcased Cavill's sense of humor along with a tribute to his facial hair:

People even got poetic over the loss of the 'stache:

Some might have been sad about him shaving...

But others can't get enough of the newfound, clean-shaven look:

Like, we're talkin' about some serious thirst-trapping here:

Gone but not forgotten. Rest in paradise, mustache. 

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