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Mom Snatches A Hawk Mid-Dive To Protect Her Chickens—And The Look On Its Face Is Priceless

Mom Snatches A Hawk Mid-Dive To Protect Her Chickens—And The Look On Its Face Is Priceless
Updated 2 months ago

Hawks are apex predators, which means that once they're fully grown, they don't really have any threats to worry about. 

That's about to change, because we guarantee one hawk is now flying around telling all of its hawk friends and neighbors about the most fearsome creature it's ever come across and how it barely escaped with its life. 

See, as this hawk was swooping down to catch a chicken (as hawks do) some fearsome creature snatched it from right out of the air before it could grab one! The hawk, once the hunter, was now caught like prey. What would this creature do? Would it hurt the hawk? No. This creature, who can obviously defeat gravity and has the reflexes of a superhero, just released the bird of prey after it was sure the chickens were safe. 

That fearsome creature was just someone's mom. Someone's mom snatched a friggin' hawk out of the air MID DIVE. 

Even better, there's a picture! Have you ever seen a hawk look confused and kind of offended? 


People are just as confused as the hawk is. 

But they figured out pretty quickly that maybe it was best not to ask so many questions about why some random mom can just snatch hawks out of mid air. Maybe she has a specific set of skills like Liam Neeson? The less we know, the better. 

The look on the hawk's face quickly became people's new favorite thing ever.

You can snort-laugh your way through more comments and pictures here. 

Also, please do not try this at home. This mum was clearly a professional...we don't want to know what kind of professional, but what we're saying is don't go trying to snatch hawks and eagles and whatnot from out of the air. It likely won't end quite as well as this tale has.

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