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Only Kids Will Understand These Brutally Accurate Tweets About Parents
2 months ago

We all have complicated relationships with our families. There's love, there's hate, there's frustration, there's exasperation.

But nothing is quite as complicated as the relationship between parent and child. It's the parents' job, after all, to drive their kids crazy, but now with the advent of social media, the kids can get revenge. Because now, all the quirks and all the pestering gets shared with the world for all to see.

Behold, the young people of the Internet share some of their most entertaining stories and parental situations, and we can totally relate.

Throwing a ton of shade to mom right off the bat!

Do parents even know about privacy?

True life, my mom is a shopaholic. 

Dads usually have their own way of doing things. 

After being married so long, you eventually know what to expect and you can prepare for desperate times. 

There is that very deep rooted look a mom can give. It's usually very specific and terrifying.   

There seems to be a stigma about unfair treatment children when you have more than one. Is this true parents? 

Watch your language you little whippersnapper!  

It's just one of those things you have to see to believe. 

You're grounded young man!

Sleep is a necessity, but getting too much will cause major judgment. 

Things are a little different for young people in 2018...

We can all agree that the differences between young people and their parents today is major!

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