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Enterprising Kid's Encouraging Note To His Dad Has The Internet Chuckling

Enterprising Kid's Encouraging Note To His Dad Has The Internet Chuckling
Updated 2 months ago

Kids are terrible people. There. We said it. We're not sorry.

The thing is, they're supposed to be terrible people. They're kids, and they haven't learned how not to be — yet. Normally, they're a good kind of terrible. They're the awesomely honest, make-the-adults-laugh-out-loud, innocently self-centered kind of terrible. 

The kind of terrible internet loves.

That may explain why Reddit is currently going ape over this note. One Reddit user posted an image with the explanation that it was an encouraging message their younger cousin had left for his father. 

Things start out sweet and uplifting, but take a sharp and hilariously manipulative turn at the end. 

For those of you who can't read the foreign language known as "children's handwriting" the note says:

You are a very hard worker you can make the earth a better place and if you work harder you can buy that game I want.

 Reddit lost its collective mind cackling at the little boy, and so did we.

They laughed even harder when it was revealed that the "game" wasn't a board game or card game, or even a video game. It was an expensive game system, the Nintendo Switch. Dad had a great sense of humor and took the note to his coworkers so they could have a laugh as well.

The next time your kid is a terrible person, just remember you're not alone. All of us parents go through it. Just keep evidence so you can remind them about it later when they've outgrown their awful. Obviously.

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