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Woman covering her face (Photo via Getty Images)
These 10 Recent Viral Tweets Are A Bit Too Relatable For Our Own Comfort
1 month ago

Memes are great because they combine two very powerful storytelling elements: words and pictures.  

The internet has an endless supply of ridiculous pictures and when you find one of them, all you have to do is think: "How do I relate to this picture?" and voila--you have yourself a meme.  

When a meme goes viral, it's because it's so relatable that it actually feels invasive.  A meme all too often goes for the jugular.

And this week, Twitter had some memes that pulled no punches.  Take a look:

1. It's Midterm Season

2. Yes it's cold and cuddle season but I'm so over all you coupley people:

3. Just because I love it does not mean I want to put effort in:

4. Whatever you think might be in there ain't for you:

5. When healthy is more of a state of mind:

6. This gets too real, too fast:

7. One, two...why then, tis time to do it.

8. Thanks for putting me in my place today:

9. Me personal trainer is always after me lucky charms (by which I mean 'love handles'):

10. I don't exercise unless my emotional safety is at risk:

H/T: Twitter