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The Cast Of SNL Couldn't Keep It Together During This Raunchy Game Night Sketch
2 months ago

This past Saturday Bill Hader returned to the show that arguably gave him his big breakout β€” but this time he was the host. Of course, he served up some prime Stefon on Weekend Update, but it's another sketch that people can't get enough of.

Let's be honest and just admit we all love it when the actors on SNL break and start laughing. In this sketch literally no one could keep it together. The premise was simple: A group of women played by Heidi Gardner, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Melissa VillaseΓ±or were enjoying a girls' game night, and Cecily Strong's character decided to bring along her geriatric husband. When his Cialis kicks in, they decide they should take advantage of the opportunity. At one point Hader literally has to shield his face behind Cecily Strong, who is sitting on his lap and also cracking up.

The whole thing can be seen in the video below:

Who could blame the actors?

Other people heaped praise on the whole episode as well as the sketch:

And Vesper had nothing but respect for the women of the cast:

Thank God for funny women. SNL has been blessed to have many of them over the years.