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Stefon Just Made His Triumphant Return To SNL, And The Internet Couldn't Handle It
1 month ago

Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader returned to host the show on March 17, which means Stefon, one of the star's most memorable characters, also got to drop by the Weekend Update desk for a long overdue update on New York's hottest clubs. 

It was a triumphant return for SNL's beloved city correspondent:

Fans couldn't contain their excitement for a new Stefon segment:

The segment also featured a surprise guest: co-writer John Mulaney!

Mulaney famously likes to surprise Hader with new jokes on the cue cards during each Stefon segment.

Whatever else may have happened in the episode, fans were glad just to have seen Stefon again.

It was definitely a memorable St. Patrick's day...

...though perhaps not as memorable as St. Patrick's Days past. 

We hope to see you again soon, Stefon!