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Videos Have Emerged Of People Overtly Stuffing Ballots To Sway The Russian Election
1 month ago

The Russian presidential elections were held on March 18, and if you haven't heard much about them, it's because incumbent President Vladimir Putin was pretty much a shoo-in. The returning fourth-term President had little competition, and observers continue to question whether the elections are as free and fair as the Kremlin would have the world believe. It's hard to buy that all Russians are as enthusiastic about Putin's return as election results suggest, especially considering the numerous videos of individuals blatantly stuffing ballot boxes at polling sites all over the country.

The clips emerged online after the fact, and many of these people are shameless in their attempts to cheat the system.

Some ballot stuffers tried to be a little bit stealthier...

Others couldn't be bothered to hide their intentions.

Many people were intimidated for trying to stop the election meddling.

Unsurprisingly, Putin won the election by a very wide margin.

Meanwhile, even more videos and stories detailing ballot stuffing are appearing online.

Russian authorities don't seem to think the voter fraud, captured on camera, is a big deal.

Congratulations on your fourth term, President Putin! I guess a win is a win, fair or no.