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These Comics About Having Two Children Are Totally Spot On, And Hilariously Relatable

These Comics About Having Two Children Are Totally Spot On, And Hilariously Relatable
2 months ago

Being a parent can be hard, especially the first time around. Like any skill, though, you tend to get a bit more relaxed with it as you go. Have you ever wondered why grandparents never seem worried?  They've figured it out, kids are actually pretty resilient and you don't need to fuss so much.  

Luckily for parents, we tend to figure it out after the first go-round as well. Have you ever noticed how differently things go from that first baby to the second, third, or more? Comic artist Weng Chen noticed, and it inspired her to do a little compare and contrast study in parenting style.  

Weng's comics were clearly spot on, lol: 

We grabbed our favorites and put them together for you to enjoy. Hopefully, these ease a little nervousness for first time parents. Parents of multiple kids, well, hopefully you feel better that you're not the only one who doesn't actually have any physical pictures of your second kid. They practically have their own Insta, after all.  

1. Pregnancy

The kids aren't even born yet and they're already being treated differently. 

2. Nursing

Them: "Breast is best!" "Bottle feeding helps other people bond with the baby and lets mom have her independence!"  "Breast!"  "Bottle!" *continue arguing ad nauseum*

Us: "Is the kid fed? Good, we got sh*t to do today people, let's go!" 

3. Clothing

We swore our first born wasn't going to be one of those babies who never has pants on and whose socks don't match and who never had a bow in her hair, etc. Our second born didn't even own pants until she was potty trained and we're not sorry about it.

4. Food

They have to eat in order to not die. We can spend 4 hours making a nutritious home-made vegetable based broth and filling it with the produce we picked from our kitchen garden ;but if the kid will only eat nuggets shaped like stars and you have to draw a smiley face in ketchup on each one, guess what you're about to do, Picasso?

Pro Tip: They will suddenly decide they hate ketchup once you've made faces on a dozen nuggets... then cry when you take the nuggets away.  

5. Quality Time

"My baby won't even have screen time! We're working in educational enrichment." - First Time Parent

"OMG you have three televisions and four tablets to choose from! Why are you arguing? No, you can't watch YouTube on my phone." - Us.

6. Toys

Toys R Us closing was maybe not the tear-jerking moment for "experienced" parents that it was for some others.

7. Pregnancy Status

Story Time: During pregnancy #2, morning sickness found us puking into the toilet while our firstborn shot us in the ear with a watergun from the bath tub. She wasn't even sorry. Our partner laughed.

That's a pretty solid overall representation of how it goes.

8. Sickness

Before you freak out about "black" poop and think your child is dying of an internal bleed or swallowed a demon or something, ask yourself ... "How many blueberries did the kid eat today?"

May or may not have learned that lesson from expensive experience. 

9. Progress

Every kid is stellar at something. Sometimes that something is playing virtuoso-level piano concertos when they're three. Sometimes that something is calculating the exact trajectory of mashed potatoes to accurately fling them into the dogs mouth from across the room. 

We celebrate it all... after we eat dinner, clean up and brush our teeth. 

10. Picture Time

Grandma got framed pictures of our first born that were literally two feet wide. Second? Picture messages. 

11. Pregnancy Announcements

"Do we say congrats or we're sorry?" - legitimately half of your friends.

12. First Day Of School

For a stay-at-home parent, the first day of school for the youngest is like Christmas. It's freedom, it's quiet, it's the ability to poop whenever you want without an audience!

You can find more of Weng hilarious artwork on her Twitter account here

H/T: Twitter, Bored Panda