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A Man Just Perfectly Described College Majors Using Michael Scott Quotes From 'The Office'
2 months ago

Maybe if Michael Scott had been narrating my college experience, I would have taken things less seriously.

We're not sure how @DanielMcCrystal got the idea to use Michael Scott quotes as layman's terms descriptors for college majors:

But we are so glad he did.

Remember how those accounting textbooks kept you up til 4 am on Wednesdays?

Or how you had to make your forensic expert testimony make sense to 19 year olds?

Or how you had to whip up meals from whatever was left in your dorm?

You definitely remember all that research you did to write your brilliant exposé.

And the countless amounts of Punnet Squares you had to fill in for homework.

But do you remember staring sadly at your paper and crying during organic chem?

Or the last 16 hours of work being erased on your hard drive?

Is it possible you only remember the upswings, and not the depressions?

Or how little you had to work with?

College was one big blur of countryside:

Writing essays:


And idealizing:

But now, it's all in the past.

You regret not studying abroad:

And not taking more time to intellectualize when it was literally your only job:

But you know what you don't regret? Not doing that pre-med track.  Nothing was worth that stress.

Some of your peers had majors you didn't understand:

And quite frankly, you don't understand why you chose such an unprofitable major yourself:

But you miss the culture of college.

And the freedom of not needing to know what the hell you were doing.

H/T: Twitter