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The Office' Just Released A Spoof Of 'Making A Murderer' On YouTube
2 months ago

For those who are still mourning the end of The Office, a 1o minute short was released on the show's official YouTube channel with a Making A Murder parody entitled Making A Strangler.

The video tackles the question swirling among the shows fans around the idea Toby Flenderson could have been the Scranton Strangler. 

In what must have been a painstaking task, the creators of the video compiled numerous clips from the show piecing together a story line that may or may not answer all the questions. 

View the clip below and judge for yourself. Is he or isn't he?

One fan of the show, Twitter user Spencer McClure certainly had some theories and took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Scranton Strangler. 

Whew! That was exhaustive research. Twitter weighed in on whether of not they agreed with McClure.