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The Trump Store Tried To Troll Jimmy Kimmel On Twitter—And Failed

The Trump Store Tried To Troll Jimmy Kimmel On Twitter—And Failed
Updated 2 months ago

Earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night host aired a segment where, in response to President Donald Trump's "Buy American" slogan, he had ordered a plethora of products from the Trump Organization's online store, Unsurprisingly, many of the items Kimmel received were branded with the familiar "Made in China" label. Kimmel also announced his intention to file a complaint with U.S. Customs over two products that bore no country of origin, an offense punishable with fines up to $500,000 per instance.

On Twitter, the Trump Store attempted to fire back at Kimmel with some snark:

But the zinger rang a bit hollow since Kimmel had revealed where many of the products were made. The host kept the bit going:

Many other Twitter users joined in on the Trump Store bashing:

It's hard not to be hilarious when the Trump Store serves up such easy jokes:

The Trumps could have avoided this entire problem if they had followed their own advice and made their products in the U.S. Perhaps now that Trump has drastically lowered corporate taxes in America, he'll bring more of his own company (of which he still has partial ownership) back to the states?