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20+ Savage Jokes That Only People Who Have Brothers Will Totally Understand

20+ Savage Jokes That Only People Who Have Brothers Will Totally Understand
Updated 2 months ago

Having a brother is a blessing and a curse.

A brother is will be your best alibi and your biggest liability, a complete anchor that mom and dad make you drag around but also an epic source of baffling, YouTube-worthy absurdity. Social media has given voice to the little moments that used to just be inside jokes, as evidenced by the veritable gallery of schadenfreude below. Check it out.

1. God willing, your Barbie shouldn't have to go through any of this.

2. At some point, the characters we know must've been kids.

3. Your brother might not even be the problem. 

4. And then again, sometimes they absolutely are.

5. A good brother can ensure a legacy.

6. Some legacies are different from others. 

7. But yeah, sometimes they can be a serial liability.

8. And sometimes they go to extremes.

9. They might not be super useful in an emergency situation, but they mean well. 

10. Then again, they don't always mean well. 

11. There is a satisfaction in the little interceptions, though.

12. Brothers can provide some excellent, He'll-Regret-This-One-Day photo ops.

13. And sometimes they're the ones driving you to the hospital, even if they won't apologize already.

14. Here's to a lasting relationship.

15. If you see him only as your idiot brother, it can be tough to process other people's perceptions.

16. But yeah, keep those cameras handy.

17. Because opportunities are everywhere.

18. Everywhere. 

19. It might be occasionally tempting to remain in the shadows. 

20. Sure, sometimes they can be a social liability. 

21. But boy can it be worthwhile to have them around.