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These 10+ Jokes From Stephen Hawking Still Have Us Laughing It Up To This Day
1 month ago

Stephen Hawking passed away this week after a lifetime of exploring the grandest theoretical concepts imaginable by humankind - but perhaps his greatest contribution to our world was his dedication to making those grand concepts digestible for everybody.

Best way to cut to the chase is with wit, and nobody had a wit like Stephen Hawking. Check out some of his best quips. 

1) His dig on John Oliver.

2) In fact, his whole interview with John Oliver. 

3) His dig on One Direction. 

4) His dig on Brexit. 

5) His brutal assault on Jim Carrey. 

6) The Best thing the Big Bang Theory could ever hope to accomplish.

7)  His Time Traveller's Party. 

8) Professor Hawking's many appearances in the Matt Groening universe. 

9) The perfect Quantum Physics joke. 

10) His duel with Paul Rudd.

11) Comic relief day on Little Britain. 

12) The many auditions for his new voice. 

13) His famous bet -- against his own theory of the universe. 

Thanks for everything, Professor.

H/T: Bored Panda