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Man's Photo Sparks Debate About Whether Or Not All American Bathrooms Look The Same

Bathroom mirror selfies are ubiquitous on social media, and for Alex, last Friday was no exception.

That's when he posted this seemingly innocuous and fun loving pic to Twitter:

And while most Americans who saw the photo likely thought little of it, it was the last straw for Londoner Jad.

He had to get to the bottom of an issue that clearly had been eating at him for a while:

It seems that, compared to the bathrooms in the U.K., the layouts in the U.S. tend to be strangely similar. 

Either that, or Americans are part of a massive Twitter-based conspiracy...

To some people, their bathroom layout is so familiar they couldn't understand was Jad was on about:

Once everyone was on the same page, it became clear Jad was onto something:

But it turns out not all American bathrooms are the same:

One person offered a pretty reasonable explanation:

But what's with all those doors?!

And there's a very simple, very real reason for them:

Every American house is 100% set up like this:

Though it took a little while, the Americans on Twitter eventually accepted Jad spoke the truth:

The real challenge will now be trying not to think about America's identical bathrooms the next time you're on the toilet. 

Good luck!

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