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Jimmy Kimmel Asked NYC And LA Kids Who Was Smarter—And Their Reasons Are Priceless

It's no secret that Los Angeles and New York have always had a little competitive vibe going. How does one choose between a land of eternal sunlight and a metropolis with the biggest and ballsiest brains in America? Jimmy Kimmel might have just found the answer.

Kimmel sent his correspondents to the streets of the two cities, testing tykes' intellectual agility with various questions in search of which city had the smartest kids.

Twitter users couldn't resist the cuteness:

As tends to be the case when New York and L.A. go head to head, people got territorial:

Some people thought outside the box:

The video may not prove which city's kids are smarter, but who cares when they teach us that there's a planet Dinosaur Land? We're sure to see these kids again when they're making their valedictorian speeches.

H/T: Mashable