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Shady Dad Pranks His Teen Daughter With Fake Rejection Letter Because She Cheats At Mario Kart

When Vivian got a letter from Booker T. Washington, the magnet art high school of her dreams, all her family's eyes were on the envelope. No one expected her rejection on the grounds of her Mario Kart ethics--except one person. 

At first, Vivian is clearly let down. "I didn't get in," she musters until her dad makes her finish reading the letter.  "We regret that we cannot offer a position at our school to anyone who would unpause a game of Mario Kart while her opponent was out of the room." The shock and subsequent relief are palpable as her dad reveals the actual letter announcing that Vivian is accepted!

The family launches into smiles and embraces.  Twitter appreciated the wholesome prank. 

As it turns out, Mario Kart has been a source of rivalry for dads and their children everywhere.

As for this family, we're glad that Vivian got a happy ending. The prank is sure to be the memorable beginning of a bright future.

H/T: Mashable