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Kim Kulish/Getty Images
Google Chrome's New 'Mute Site' Option Is The Tech Advancement We've All Been Waiting For

Most scientists agree that the worst thing in the world is when a website autoplays videos, especially advertisements, when you just want to read an article in peace! Fortunately, the January Google Chrome update added a new feature that can permanently solve this annoying problem: mute site. 

All users have to do it right click on a website's tab and select "mute site." That website will never make sound again!

You can even come back to the site in another tab - the sound will still be gone!

Twitter users were pretty into the new feature:

To others, it was old news...

This (paradigm-shifting) advancement also go people excited about potential next-steps!

In the tech race, it seems about time the common man and woman got something they needed. Let's celebrate this small victory by basking in the silence!

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