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Women Sending Savage Responses To Men On Tinder Is The Internet's Newest Meme
1 month ago

My dudes, you are never going to run into a woman who actually laughs at a pickup line.

But your tasteless attempt at instant sex still allows smart gals out there an opportunity to bring witty retorts to new heights. Please enjoy the worst guys being served.

1) Reece, the mathematician, and the telltale phone carrier brand. 

2) Jon and the Diplomat.

3) Jordan and the Informant. 

4) Chase and the Familiar Face. 

5) Tyler and the Other Option. 

6) Dennis and the Ottomanist. 

7) Jack and the Epic Sigh. 

8) Jasper and the White Star Line. 

9) Dmitri and the Veterinarian. 

10) Swole Boy and the Evaluator. 

11) Greg and the Enigma.

12) Steve and the Heliocentrist. 

13) Kevin and the Tiny Sigh. 

Guys, put in some effort. Or don't. These are hilarious.

H/T: Buzzfeed