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These Dogs Wearing Cones Of Shame Look So Adorably Helpless, And We Love Them All

There may be nothing sadder/more hilarious than the coned puppydog.

At the moment Lin-Manuel Miranda's pup is dealing with an unfortunate coning. 

So, naturally the rest of the Conical Puppy Community rose up to express solidarity. 

Can't let them nibble that inflamed paw...

No matter the size of the dog, it remains adorable. 

Bedazzling not necessary, but still hilarious. 

Accessorizing the cone actually works pretty well. 

They might sit pretty, but that cone is staying on. 

The sadder they look, the funnier it gets. 

Best of all, even when it's not sad, it's still hilarious. 


You don't want your dog to hurt himself. But if he's going to...

The Cone is almost worth it. 


Keep on conin', injured pups of the world.

H/T: Twitter